Lectio Divina, literally divine reading,’ is an ancient Christian practice of praying the Scriptures. The method of Lectio Divina includes moments of reading (lectio), reflecting on (meditatio), responding to (oratio) and resting in (contemplatio) the Word of God with the aim of nourishing and deepening one's relationship with the Divine.



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Third Sunday of Easter Reflection


What does it take for our eyes to be opened? Every day, a man laboriously walks down Main Street of town. With great difficulty but graceful determination, he places one foot in front of the other, uses a crudely made staff for support, and walks. His pace is slow, but he walks.

What does he hope to see? Where does he want to go? What does he find? We all walk through life. The type of “walking” life requires is not always physical but is most assuredly emotional and spiritual. We walk, we look, we encounter, and we seek. How we do these things and what we actually find is determined by what we carry and what we allow ourselves to discover along the way.


If walking is too challenging for us, we may choose to isolate and stay alone. If we are afraid to walk, we may become overly dependent on others providing for us and abandon the journey. We can walk and pay attention only to what is in front of our feet and never notice the immensity of what is happening around us. The road is never the same twice. The journey is always different. What kinds of things do you notice as you walk through life? It seems that the disciples of the Road to Emmaus missed a lot at first. We do as well.


We are called to walk with purpose, to listen, and to notice things that may not at first be apparent. We have to allow the One who has a special claim on our soul to enlighten, instruct, and inspire us. The incarnate mystery of God is pulsating in and through all of creation, where the presence of the Word who became flesh can be discovered. He has been with us all along. How could we have missed Him? Our journey brings us back to the breaking of the bread, and something begins to stir within us. We begin to understand, and things look differently. Bread, body, wine, and blood bring us to see that everyone and everything is a “Eucharistic” encounter. We become what we eat and we see what we eat. We continue to walk. Our eyes are now opened, and we recognize Him. Our hearts burn. Stay with us. Please stay with us. ©LPi

for reflection

• It is the Third Sunday of Easter. For the forty days of Lent we took up the practices of intentional prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. In Easter there are fifty days of celebration. How does your family or community continue to keep the Easter feast?

• In the Acts of the Apostles, for the first time, Peter stands before a crowd to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus, the Nazorean. Where do you find strength and courage when something new is required of you?

• On the road to Emmaus we are told that Jesus “drew near and walked” with the disciples. In the life of discipleship, how do you perceive Jesus as walking alongside you?


• The disciples describe their interaction with Jesus as one that caused their hearts to burn within them. What spiritual practices bring you closer to Jesus?

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to the point..

TIn the gospel story of the road to Emmaus, we find an image of our liturgy. On the road Jesus, the Word of God, interprets the Scriptures for the unwitting disciples. Then, when they arrive at their destination, he becomes the high priest who takes bread, blesses, breaks, and shares it with his companions. The disciples, nourished and empowered by the Word they have heard and the bread they have shared, rush out to share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection with the rest of their community.

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Children Resources

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