First Reading

Acts 8: 5-8, 14-17

Responsorial Psalm

Psalm 66: 1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 16, 20
Second Reading:

1 Peter 3: 15-18

John 14:15-21



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Antonio Romero • †

Diego y David Cuevas • Cumpleaños

Emilia Santiago • Thanksgiving

Emilio Bolanos • Conversion

Familia Gonzalez • †

Feligreses de San José

Felix Lopez • Thanksgiving

Francisco Gomez • †

Gregorio Macias • Health

Irene Louise Naddolny • †

Ismael Medina • †

Israel Lopez • Birthday

Jaime Godoy • †

Jose Barbosa • †

Jose Hortencio y Lidia de Gutierrez • †

Jose Lopez • Health

Jose Mares • †

Lidia de la Cruz • †

Manuela Castillo • Health

Maria Mena • †

Maria Villafan • †

Monica Gutierrez • Cumpleaños

Natalio Martinez • †

Patricia Martin • Anniversary

Paula Cruz • Thanksgiving

Paulina Montiel • †

Ramon Delgado • †

Rosina Garcia • †

Salvador Mares • †

Samuel Hernandez • †

Saul Martinez • Health

Soledad Sanchez • Health

Stephanie Carillo • Conversion

Although the Office is closed, you can still reserve your Mass intention for Sunday or weekday Mass. There is an $8 donation per intention. You can call the Parish Center: 310. 679.1139 and leave your donation in the Mailbox or reserve and pay online.

Sixth Sunday of Easter Reflection


We hope for many things: passing an exam, finding our true love, securing sustainable work, or surviving an illness. We often seek to have God be a part of what we hope for and desire, almost trying to convince Him that our agenda is what is ultimately important.

While our particular hopes may appear to be what needs to be achieved in order for us to be happy, they really are not. Our lesser, more personal hopes can distract us from true hope.


When God became a human being, a powerful message was sent: all that is authentically human is found in the divine. As the human Jesus lived and died in order to show us that he truly is the universal Christ, we have to keep our sight focused on our eternal truth and destiny and who we truly are. We have to be careful when we allow our earthly concerns to distract us. True hope is found when we place our trust in Christ’s promises and don’t rely on our own strength. True hope focuses on striving toward the fulfillment of God’s promises and not simply on achieving what we think we need in this life. Hope always travels with two friends — faith and love. In this trio of virtues, we find the very presence of God born in every human being. These are God’s greatest gifts, and they lead us to the fullness of His presence.


As with faith and love, we cannot see hope with just our human eyes. We don’t carry this virtue within us to use solely for our own personal agenda. Hope is not something that simply comes with the human package. As with faith and love, hope is a gift that is given to us to draw us closer to our eternal truth. Faith, hope, and love are signs that there is something far greater going on in us and something greater to persevere in obtaining. The true divine gift of hope is what will endure any hardship we encounter, especially those that will come from authentically living the Gospel. With all that is happening in our lives, in our church, and in our world, what is the reason for our hope? Ask God for the fortitude to see His eternal gift as the reason we get up in the morning and do the things we do.




Read/Listen to the Gospel
John 14: 15-21
Grab your bible and look up the reading. Don’t have one? No worries you can find the text here.


In quarantine, it’s getting harder to remain
positive, to have hope, and to love one another.
Today’s Gospel reminds us that God does not abandon us. He is always with us and there is always hope.

Activity: On a large poster board, write the word HOPE. Have everyone in the house color it brightly. Hang the poster in the front of the house win-dow for all to see as a reminder that there is always Hope in Jesus Christ. During the week, take a moment to write a prayer on the poster for mem-bers of your family.


Discussion Questions:
If you live alone reach out to a friend or family member to share.

  • How is God present in your home with you and your family?

  • How does Jesus want me to act towards my family?

  • Why do you have hope in Jesus? What has He done for you and/or your family?

Children Resources

Have a printer at home? Print these activities to do with your children. Provided by LPI.

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