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Parent’s Guidelines for

Second Session of Catechism

School Year 2020-2021


Welcome, and congratulations on continuing this second session of Catechism for Parents and Students. Below is the commitment you make by registering your daughter/son to our Second Session if Catechism.


  • The Lord has taught us that we need to be with Him at Mass at least once a week, especially on Sunday. It is an essential element, in the faith formation of your child, that he/she attends Mass every Sunday or Saturday evening.

  • Parents are the primary teacher of Faith to their children; for this reason, parents need to attend two parent classes a month.

  • We ask the parents to be a blessing to their children by accompanying them to a half-day Retreat. We will announce the date and time in the next few months. We ask that you make the necessary arrangements to be present and on time.

  • As Jesus came to serve others, we ask parents to provide five hours of community service. If you are unable to assist with community service, we ask for a donation of $10.00 per hour not served. The money collected will be donated to St. Margaret Mary Center to help those most in need.

  • The annual registration fee is $85.00 per session, per student. The amount covers department expenses.

During the school year, there will be fundraiser event. Funds will go to Catechetical formation. Are you interested in helping with our chocolate fundraiser?


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