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Health & Wellness

Christian living is healthy living

The Health & Welllness ministry proudly collaborates with the following organizations.

Do you worry about how much someone in your family consumes alcohol? Have you been offended or embarrassed by the behavior of a family member or friend who drinks? Do you think there is no one who understands your problems?

We invite you to participate in Al-Anon meetings, where the members are people just like you who are concerned about a family or friend's drinking problem.

Al - Anon Hawthorne

This Program is offered only in Spanish
Todos los sábados • 9:30a a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Por favor llamar a los telefonos

1 (253) 215 - 8782

1 (301) 715- 8592

Numero De Conferencia: 513 934 612
Para Computadoras Y Telefonos Con Video:
Numero De Conferencia: 513 934 612

Si tienes problemas me puedes llamar hoy al


Alcoholics Anonymous

Is an international mutual aid fellowship with the stated purpose of enabling its members to "stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety." AA is self-supporting and apolitical. Its only membership requirement is a desire to stop drinking. For information please call the Parish Center or email

Meeting ID: 851 9381 4069

Por telefono:

(669) 900- 6833

Who is CHAT for?

If you feel indecisive, making decisions has become a very difficult task.

If you have a fear of being wrong.

If you seek the opinion and constant approval of others.

If you feel hopeless with no control over problems.

If, when you get angry your body feels stiff, your breathing and heart rate accelerates.

Let us accompany them to be part of CHAT, where we will learn positive emotional tools to face the challenges of life.

Support Group

This program is only offered in Spanish, you'd wish to have this in English please email Amanda at

Do you have problems with your family, friends that cause you concern, anxiety, depression? Are you in a relationship of abuse and domestic violence? Do you feel like you can't get over the loss of a loved one? Do you feel little accepted, loved and understood?
Do you have any health problems due to not being able to cope with stress? Come share with people experiencing the same difficulties, concerns, and discover alternatives on how to cope and find emotional relief.
Video Conference: 888-8086929
Access code 3598599 #

Who is NAMI for?

If you have a relative or friend with emotional-mental health problems

If, you feel desperate, scared and you don't know how to help him.

If, your family member or friend has been diagnosed but you do not understand how he feels, thinks, or behaves, you have doubts and questions.

If you feel that you connect with any of the statements above then NAMI is for you.

NAMI will begin a Spanish session on September 17 and will continue for every Thursday until December 3. 

Join through Zoom at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting ID: 812 9364 1190 • Passcode: 431523

Overeaters Anonymous

A twelve-step program founded in 1960 for people with problems related to food including, but not limited to, compulsive overeaters, those with binge eating disorder, bulimics and anorexics.

This progroam is currently only  in Spanish.

Miercoles de 8:00 pm a 9:30 pm.

Lunes de 8:30 pm a 10:30 pm.

Telefono 774-220-4000,  numero de acceso 634992 # y luego *6

Providence’s Community Health Insurance Program

We can help you apply and enroll into a free to low cost health insurance program! We can help you apply for extra food benefits for your household through CalFresh. Call us to set an over-the-phone appointment 310– 514-4318 Or email us:


St. Margaret Center

Nutrition Class


Amanda Martinez

Health and Wellness Coordinator

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Guide to the services resources and information


Emergency Outreach Bureau

(800) 8547771

24/7 Hotline


NAMI helpline

1800-950 - nami (6264)

Text mami to 741741when in crisis

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National Suicide prevention Lifeline


800-273-TALK (8255)

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Trans Lifeline  


24/7 Hotline

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

National Domestic

(800) 799- SAFE(7233)

24/7 Hotline


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