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Last updated on Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 2:00pm

For your health and the health of others, everyone must wear a face mask at all times while in Church property.


  • Is taking place in the back of the school parking lot.  

  • No appointments or tickets are necessary to enter the parking lot.

  • We have our regular Mass schedule for both weekday and weekend

    • Monday through Friday: 8:00am (Bilingual) • 5:00pm (Spanish)

    • Saturday: 8:00am (Bilingual) • 5:00pm (English Vigil) • 7:00 (Spanish Vigil)

    • Sunday: 6:00am (English) • 7:15am (Spanish) • 9:00am (Spanish) • 10:45am (English) • 12:30pm (English) • 2:15pm (Spanish) • 4:00 (Spanish) • 6:00 (Spanish) • 8:00 (Spanish)

  • Those over 65 and older and those that are sick are encouraged to stay home.  

  • We recommend coming early if you want to sit closer to the Altar.

  • Seating

    • We will have metal chairs outside. We understand it is very hot right now therefor we will have shade area as well.

  • Liturgy

    • There is no Holy water available. ​

    • Please stay seated during Communion, there will be a minister giving you communion to your chair. 

    • We ask that you exit the Parking right after Mass to allow our team to clean the chairs. 


  • No appointments or tickets are necessary for Confessions.

  • We have our normal Confession Schedule.

    • Monday through Friday from 5:45pm - 6:30pm

    • Saturday from 2:00pm - 4:45pm  

  • ​Confessions will be outdoor, in the Madonna Plaza.

  • Follow the blue social distancing stickers on the floor while making line for Confession. 

  • Face masks are required at all times. 

Parish Center

  • Currently limited to curbside service. We have a small window before you enter the Parish Center where we can help you from.

    • Monday through Friday: 9am - 8:15pm

    • Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 2:45pm

  • You can always email us with any questions!


  • Baptisms

    • We are currently having Baptisms every Saturday. You can register at the Parish Center. Pre-Baptismal classes online.

  • First Communion and Confirmation

    • If you have a First Communion or Confirmation coming up next week, do not worry, none have been canceled just relocated outside. Please talk with Luz Salgado for questions regarding First Communion or Michael Todechine for questions regarding Confirmation for more information.

  • Weddings

    • You can start preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Please call the Parish Center to make an appointment over the phone with a Priest. ​

  • Quinceañera

    • If you'd like to schedule a Quinceañera you can. If you have a quinceañera pending, please call the Parish Center to get information ​


Parish Life

  • Ministries are still not meeting. 

  • We are currently not having Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. If you'd like this to be an option, please call the Parish Center. 


Center for Disease Control
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World Health Orgnization

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