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Seed of the Kingdom

The Seed of the Kingdom is a program for anyone over 18 who wishes to receive the sacrament of



The Office of Religious Education invites adults to participate in the Kingdom Seed program. We welcome you to this Sacramental preparation.

All united in the Society of God, we begin a process of formation in which together we will learn and share our faith under Mary's protection.

Our arms are open to everyone; this is your home where you can find community and support with those that walk with you.

Registrations are currently closed. English session registration will open in December and classes will begin in January. For more information please send us an email: areynoso@stjoseph-haw.org

What is the Seed of the Kingdom program?

A process of Evangelization and Catechesis Based on the Renewal of the Sacramental life.
The "Seed of the Kingdom" Program is an introductory formation course for people who have been away from the Church's sacramental life. The program is for those over 18 years of age who want to take the Sacrament of Confirmation. We ask that candidates attend all the classes since we will only have a short time for the formation and doctrinal understanding of Confirmation's Sacrament.

Candidate Responisbility

  1. Fill out the registration form (Available on this page or at the parish office)

  2. Bring original Sacramental certificates.

  3. Attend an interview via telephone.

  4. Donation of $50.00 (Online or at the parish office)

  5. Be punctual in the classes via Zoom, (hours 7:00- 9:00 PM.) The identification number will be sent by text to enter the Zoom class. Register on time.

  6. Classes will be held on Thursday in Spanish and English on Friday.

  7. Do not miss any class. (14 classes)

  8. Have a Bible.

  9. Students and Godparents will have a Night of Prayer and Commitment. (Assistance required, a date will be announced at a later time)

Thursday, Semilla del Reino


February 12, 2021

Image of God/ Scriptures & Jesus

February 26, 2021

Sacraments of the Church


March  5, 2021

Morality Living


March  12, 2021

Liturgy & Symbols

March  19, 2021

Media & God/ Our Prayer Life

March  26, 2021

Liturgical Calendar


April  9, 2021

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

April  16, 2021

Journey to Sainthood & Mary

April  23, 2021


April  30, 2021

Nicene Creed


May  7, 2021

Candidate and Sponsors Prayer Night

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Adriana Reynoso

Semilla del Reino Coordinator

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