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Children First Communion


Our Religious Education program is committed to helping families grow in their faith. We work as a team which includes the Pastor, program coordinators, catechists together with parents who are the first educators in the faith as indicated in the General Directory for Catechesis (CGC 226). The family is the environment where catechesis occurs naturally and spontaneously.

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Commit. Belong. Grow.

Parents are asked to make a pledge to follow our 5 principles:

  1. To participate and come to Mass every Sunday as a family

  2. To Bring their children to their class once a week, at the time they choose

  3. To attend their Parent Catechesis classes twice a month

  4. To serve the community by doing 5 hours of community service per year

  5. To teach and practice the Basic Catholic Prayers with their children.

The form below is only a pre-registration. We’d love to sit down and give you a detailed overview of the program through a parent orientation. This is where you will finish the registration process. We ask that you please bring your child’s baptism certificate when you come to your parent orientation. You can make your $95 donation (per student) with our Parish Receptionist when you turn in this form, at our parent orientation, or online through our online giving program, WeShare.


Who can apply for the waitlist?

Child age seven (7) or in 2nd Grade up until 12th grade.

What if my child is over seven but not baptized?

We have a special program for you! Please click here for our RCIA for Children and Teens.

Are there any donations to participate in the program?

Yes, there is an $85.00 donation per student. This helps cover some of the costs to run the program such as student materials, books, building maintenance, insurance payment.

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Dress Code

Meet The Team

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Tuesday Team
Thursday Team.jpeg
Thursday Team
Wednesday Team.JPG
Wednesday Team
Saturday Team.JPG
Saturday Team

Luz Salgado

Coordinator of Religious Education Elementary- High School


Marissa Garalde

Religious Education Assistant

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