Children First Communion

Classes are underway!

As we get our classes underway, we want to remind everyone of our Parish health norms.

  1. Always make sure your child has a facemask on.

  2. When dropping and picking up your child, parents are also asked to wear a facemask.

  3. Students will get their temperature checked before entering their classroom.


Please remember that parents drop off and pick up their children in their classrooms to ensure safety and control.

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Dress Code


Unfortunately, our First Communion is filled to capacity. We invite you to fill out our waitlist form since there are times spaces become available.


Who can apply for the waitlist?

Child age seven (7) or in 2nd Grade up until 12th grade.

What if my child is over seven but not baptized?

Non-baptized children over seven (7) can be registered to begin their Catechetical preparation. They will receive their Baptism upon completion of the first Session.

Are there any donations to participate in the program?

Yes, there is an $85.00 donation per student. This helps cover some of the costs to run the program such as student materials, books, building maintenance, insurance payment.

First Communion Wait-list Form
Language of Class

Meet The Team

Tuesday Team
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Thursday Team
Wednesday Team
Saturday Team

Luz Salgado

First Communion Elementary Coordinator

Marissa Garalde

Religious Education Assistant