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Priesthood Sunday

What is “Priesthood Sunday”?

Priesthood Sunday is a special day set aside to honor priesthood. It is a day to reflect upon and affirm the role of the priesthood in the life of the Church as a central one. This year, our Priesthood Sunday will be on September 26.

Prayer for Vocation

Father, in every generation you provide ministers of Christ and the Church. We come before you now, asking that you call forth more men to serve our Archdiocese in the ministerial Priesthood. Give us priests who will lead and guide your holy people gathered by Word and Sacrament. Bless us with priestly vocations so that we can continue to be a truly euEucharisticcharistic Church, strengthened in our discipleship of Jesu Christ, your only Son. Raise up, we pray, men who are generous in their service, willing to offer their lives and all their gifts for your greater glory and for the good of your people. We make our prayer in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


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