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Relic of St. John of Avila at St. Joseph

Relic of St. John of Avila

Next Sunday, March 20th, we will have some special visitors at St. Joseph’s: two priests from Spain will be here bringing us a relic of St. John of Avila, priest and doctor of the Church.

You may remember that I wrote my doctoral dissertation on this Spanish saint, a reformer who was influential in the formation of priests in his day. Since there are only 37 doctors of the Church in the entire history of the Church from all the saints that have ever been canonized, this is important.

The priests will be giving a series of conferences on St. John of Avila that week throughout the archdiocese, but since they will be staying at the parish, we wanted to offer the relic for veneration. It will be present at all Sunday Masses. At 5:15pm that day, one of them will be giving a 25-minute talk in Spanish about the saint inside the church.

Unfortunately, I will be out of town that day. Please give them a warm welcome.

- Fr. Gustavo


Reliquia de Santo Juan de Ávila

El próximo domingo (20 de marzo) estarán aquí unos sacerdotes de España que vienen a dar una serie de conferencias sobre San Juan de Ávila, el santo doctor de la Iglesia en el que me especialicé para escribir mi tesis doctoral.

Ellos traerán una reliquia del santo que estará disponible para la veneración en todas las misas. A las 5:15pm ese mismo día, uno de ellos estará dando una plática de 25 minutos sobre el santo. De los 37 doctores de la Iglesia que la Iglesia tiene, cuatro de ellos vienen de España, y esto es importante. La plática abordará este tema y la importancia de San Juan de Ávila para los sacerdotes y la Iglesia en general.

Desafortunadamente yo no estaré aquí para ese domingo. Ojalá puedan asistir a la plática y darle una calurosa bienvenida a los sacerdotes y a la reliquia.

- P. Gustavo C.


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