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Sleep Awareness Week

Last week marked one year of compliance with Safer at Home orders requiring us to stay home as a way to stop the spread of the COVID pandemic. What was thought to last a few weeks turned into more than year of a dramatic change in the way we live and


From time to time, we have asked that you be sure to set aside a comfortable and functional workspace, take a break from the

computer and stretch, exercise, hug a family member. Some of you have children or elderly parents at home with you and your

home has turned into an office, school, and care center. We hope you have taken advantage of our EAP program as needed, taken

time to relieve the stress and pressure of caring for family and work by taking breaks to take care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

One aspect of self-care is to be sure you are following healthy sleep habits. This week is National Sleep Awareness Week.

Below find a link with valuable information to help you and your family learn and implement healthy sleep habits. Get your ZZZZ’s! 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴


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